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Everything you need in shoes for little feet!

Baby Paws child

Trusted by Parents and Stockists since 1985

For the past 30 years, our concern for health, safety and comfort has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of our fully guaranteed Baby Paws shoes. That’s why we use only good quality safe leather and components in our shoes.

Putting the best foot forward

As a baby’s foot develops, it is vital that the “soft bone” cartilage, tissue, muscles, and nerves have enough room to grow safely without restriction. When the infant stands up and takes its first tentative steps, the muscles in its feet begin to grip the floor and the toes separate to help it develop better balance and control. If the feet are restrained within a rigid or hard soled shoe, the toes can’t do their job.

Babies don’t need shoes for their feet to develop properly. Infant walking shoes are worn for protection, comfort and for dressing up. They must be light and flexible on the foot and shouldn't be relied upon to promote the development of the infants’ feet.

The natural structure of each Baby Paws soft leather shoe offers the best delicate support for the first walking child's foot.

Safely feeling the floor

Baby Paws sole

Baby Paws shoes were amongst the first to have soles that are non-slip, soft, flat and flexible enough to ensure unhindered natural movement of the feet. The single layer of high quality leather gives the baby’s inquisitive little feet the opportunity to mimic and “feel” the shape of the floor as it learns to stand and walk without slipping. Baby Paws’ soft leather sole also ensures that the shoes are light, so avoiding unnecessary weight on the feet and ankles. This helps prevent stumbling and falling.

Rubber sole


Shoes with rubber soles, rubber split soles or multiple layers of leather or foam are not best for foot development for the pre-walker or early first walker.

Foam sole


The shoe sole should move with the foot and not be a “platform” upon which the foot learns to walk.




Perfect Fit – day in, day out

Baby Paws fastening

For safety sake, and for natural foot development, it’s important that infant walking shoes can be gently fastened just tight enough to stay on and provide sufficient "wiggle room" without hindering the development of the foot. The shoes must be easy to safely fit and remove without harming the baby’s feet.

Because each little foot differs in size and shape, the Parent or Guardian Should control the fit of the shoe by adjusting the fastening of the Velcro or the laces.

Babys’ feet grow all the time so their shoes must be adjusted for proper fit as the feet grow over the weeks and months that the shoes are worn. It is unhealthy for a foot to be kept in the same shoe without adjustment all day. Feet naturally expand a little during the day. They also expand when the temperature is warmer.

Baby Paws shoes are designed to fit correctly and can be adjusted and fastened gently for all day natural comfort.

Our range is available in the traditional Australian size 0 for newborns up to size 6 for the 18 to 24 month old toddler.

Light as a feather

Baby Paws shoes are the next best thing to barefoot! They are designed to be light and comfortable as recommended for natural foot development by Podiatrists and Paediatricians worldwide.

Our safe leather – like a second skin

Our custom tanned non-toxic leather is not too thick or too thin, and has a gently brushed suede surface on the inside of the shoe for comfort and absorption of perspiration. The natural leather “breathes,” and keeps the feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

Squeaky clean

Our high quality leather shoes are easy to clean with water and mild soap to ensure prolonged hygiene and safety. Regular cleaning and brushing of the suede soles maintains non-slip qualities for the life of the shoes. Clean shoes are safe shoes!

Baby Paws Timeless Fashion

Baby Paws shoes are available in a wide variety of stunning fashionable styles and colours with our unique colour matched soles providing an extra measure of sophistication.

From the casual or sporty young bloke to the elegant princess, there’s a shoe for every occasion. It’s so easy to choose a cute pair of shoes to match every outfit!

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